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12:26pm 15/10/2010
mood: productive
Fast forward-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------x------------x----------------------------x---------------Now,
so, i'm not really sure why i have the need to update this now, but, it feels right. 

First of all things, Blake has passed away, on 6/6/10. I have a lot to say about how I feel about it. I wish i had more time, but, basically, there are 3 parts to this story, and it all started at silver lake. My grandparents property, at the time. He used to go there a lot when we were kids, beautiful brick custom house sitting on a few acres covered in forest and near a lake. It was a wonderful property, i often drive by there and remember the times.
It was about 40 or so feet from the back of the house to the lake, and right smack in the middle of that path there was a bush. It was quite a large bush, maybe 4-5 feet tall, and 7-8 feet in diameter. It might have been smaller, since I was probably about 7 when this instance occurred. From what i remember, it was just Blake and I, and we were walking down to the lake, like we always used to do back then. And when we came around the bush, we were surprised to find a girl there. Now, we knew other people lived around the lake, but we never met any of them, or ever saw anyone else playing out in the lake while we were there. So, even though it was odd to find someone on my grandfathers property, it wasn't strange enough to be scared. Blake and I looked at each other, then back at the girl, who happen to look to be a few years older then Blake, maybe around 11 or 12, not really sure. Blake asked, "where are you from?" the girl, replied, "well, i'm from the clouds". Before Blake could question her further about "from the clouds" she said, "i have a message for you"... At this point, Blake looked back at me, and now, we were both totally interested in what this girl was saying. We paused for a minute, and waited for her to deliver the message. She didn't respond or replay until Blake had to actually say, "well, whats the message?" She then pointed at Blake, and said "this message is for you, and not for him", as she moved her finger toward me. Blake took me aside a few steps and whispered, "don't worry man ill tell you what she says after I hear it, so stand over there" he directed me to stand on the opposite side of the bush. I tried to listen through the bush, but  i could on hear whispers without really making out any of the words, but I'm sure they shared a few sentences back and forth. I heard Blakes muffled whispers responce a few times to whatever she was saying. Anyways, this only went on for about 20 secs before i heard no more whispering. I waited about 10 secs, before walking back around the bush. I found Blake kinda sitting on his feet down on his knees starring at the ground, (definitely thinking about something) and the girl was gone. Which is partly why this memory is so vivid. I asked blake, "well, what did she say?"  he looked at me, and paused for a few secs, and said. "she said i am ment for great things in this life". Now, i knew more was said then just that, but that was all Blake ever told me she said. This, at the time, didn't seem like it really mattered too much. I mean we were kids, we moved right along with our lives after that. I didn't hit me until later that this experience was more then just something out of everyday.  Will write the other 2 parts when i have more time! gotta go!
03:54pm 02/03/2008
  Well, Ultra is coming back around again, next month. Ill be going, this is ther 10th year anniversary, and it will probably be my last year going.

Anyways, i dont think anyone uses this anymore, but, just thought id keep my account open, so i can look back at my posts.. lol

hope to see you all there.

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10:23pm 28/10/2005
mood: sleepy
Life... is ..... alot of things... anyways,,,, im moving back to orlando... in january... just wanted to let all of you that are listening know that..
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07:50pm 28/05/2005
  Right after one of the lowset moments in my life, ME AND BLAKE GOT A GIG!!!! A little bar/club/pool hall, in dunedin, Ever monday night!! our first night was this past monday and it was amazing, we drew in a croud on our first night... And no one has ever DJed there before, In fact thats why we talked to the manager there, before all of this, they were doing Kareoke*, and dont get me wrong i love that, but, we knew we could get that place hoppin.... So anyways, somone at the door, i got to write later....  
another, Adventure   
11:09am 06/05/2005
  ~3 days ago, a small ray of light appeared in a black land that had been torn and barron for what seemed like forever. Untill now, no sun was even close to being bright enough to even shine the outer later of this Empty atmosphere, and this was no sun at all, but a star, faint and far away. but still, it did shine through and on,~~~~ tonight that star, came to (me) the planet, and became a ~warrior~, strong with might and hope, determind, and ever ready, to face the challenges, and turn this world around, to make it, the paradise that it was ment to be, tonight, where she stepped down from the air, and onto the planet, she could feel, the ground reaching out for her, and telling her it needed her... and the warrior, with fire in her eyes, and the sword in her hand, went head on, into the thornes, to distroy the black Curse of this desolate place. Into the seeminly endless darkness that preceeds her.... This is our hope... the First of its kind, the planet waits...in the universe.  
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the rest..of this love story...   
11:25pm 04/05/2005
mood: contemplative
She had never revealed her name though he spoke it without thought, and though she knews't him not, in dreams and love, she knew their love to be true. Aboard his star they both sat. And left the barren tower which had already begun to collapse. They traveled with light and more passion than the night. As the two lovers looked into each other they knew they were found, yet forever lost in eachother. A sea of tears engulfed their souls while love swallowed their hearts. Forever more did the two lovers fly, fly with no end through the infinite night.
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this story, is about, love...   
11:21pm 04/05/2005
mood: thoughtful
Once upon a breath in the never-ending fabric of time, there lived a beautiful angel. In a lonely dark tower upon triton is where she spends her unending days. Every sunrise brings new hope and every showing of the stars cuts her throat. She never remembers waking up, nor does she remember falling asleep, and all she thinks about is her love and how even though she knowest him not, she believes he will come and save her. When she awakens from her broken dreams and stumbles around in her tattered gown (which had begun to become undone at the seems) she stares at the unending sky (which is always an unaccompanied grey) that barley allows the suns warm embrace hold her. She weeps all day and hopes all night on every passing star above, and wishes for her love and even though she knowest him not, she believes he will come and save her. She stares out at the dancing stars which burn as fast and as bright as her hope for her rescue. Tonight however, the stars seem different; brighter, warmer, almost musical. It was like a symphony of light against an endless void getting ready to die crying out for just one more second of life. Then just as she was begining to lose herself in defeat, a magnificant star caught the attention of her beautiful eyes. Her hope began to burn so fast, so bright, brighter than it ever had before. Her heart felt as though it was about to burst. She feared even if this love did come he would find only peices of her. The star was falling faster, faster, and brighter did it grow. As it got closer to her the light and warmth of this falling light had begun to touch her soul. She felt like her soul was glowing as the stars light kept growing. Upon this star stood a man as endless as time itself, he had been searching before time had a name for his true love, never knowing her, just the thought. He had thought he had found her in the past but they had all left him as empty as the night sky without stars. As he was sitting upon hes star he noticed a star that seemed to sing to his soul, opening his heart with every new note. It was the brightest star in the the sky. It was the kind of light you find in someone else. The light of another persons beautiful soul lighting the way for you through lifes many dark mazes. He knew that when he saw this kind of light he would never lose his way again. So as fast as the speed of light accompanied by his burning passion would carry him, he flew toward the light. Thoughts of love and infinite desires poured into his heart almost faster than his star could carry him. In just a few seconds, (which seemed like eternity) he reached the decaying tower with a window making visible the devine light. Hiding in shadows he ascended to her window. As he was making his ascension the light was drawn into the room, the brightness of that room would have surely put the sun to shame. Catching only glimpses of her, he laid in silence. Then his eyes were helplessly drawn to hers, much like the sun is drawn to the west at dusk, painting the sky beautiful, but none more beautiful than the beauty of her eyes. As she was getting enough control from her emotions to see clearly she swears she sees two oceans deeper than any sky, and cant help but fall into them, much like the moonlight falls to the earth, illuminating even the darkest of spaces. They cant help but be drawn to one another. He feels his body move effortlessly through the window with no pane. She takes a step though she feels it not. Her name falls from his lips much like a leaf falls from its tree getting caught in a passing breeze. His voice lands directly into her ears, it is as though his voice is all she can hear, as she shakes with love tainted by fear.
well well   
02:06am 28/04/2005
mood: drained
here i am.. 2:06 in the morning... jobless.. broke.. away from home.. man..... i never thought it would get this way... but im hopeful, in a realistic kind of way....... i still got my music... and to me thats what matters most.......(sigh) ~one day... soon.. it must, be soon.~........................................................ im going to try to get some sleep..
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oh yeah,   
07:51pm 18/04/2005
mood: accomplished
I forgot to say hello to everyone... if anyone is out there... Hellooooooooooooo......(echos). Whitney where are you, you really need to call me! KT im glad to hear things are doing better for you. Lindsey you never return my messages!! well somtimes, but dont worry its ok, i know life is busy... Sarah how the hell are ya, dont worry *i will never forget the ones that truly love me..*........... Kristin. you probably dont read this, but if you do... i have somthing of yours that i want to give back to you, trust me....... Stephanie, good luck with your man. if i didnt metion you, dont worry i didnt forget you, i just have to go now... ;).... later all
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ok.. well   
06:58pm 18/04/2005
mood: rejuvenated
HEH.. man i havent been on here in a long ass time, and looking back on all the b/s that everyone wrote on about my lasts post(s). I dont think is wise for anyone to have a L/J... heh.. anyways.... I GOT SOMETHINGS TO SAY. First of all... If you dont know, I now live in Clearwater, its over on the west coast by tampa. I having the time of my life over here, with blake. We finnaly moved out and away from all of you crazy people, and living our musical dreams.. hehe..well the truth is I had a great time with all you guys the good and the bad. I have real problems now and all "really bad" shit back then, back in the day, makes me smile. I wish things were that simple again. 2ndly I am finally over Kristin, like... i know that alot of you are like, whatever or who cares. But for me, this is a very big thing, up until about 2 months ago, i always thought about her, at least every other day, wondering things, like where she is what she is doing, how am i going to change/fix this with her so we can be together again.... blah blah blah! But now someone has helped me finally realized, after almost 9 years of this truly insane love(or whatever you want to call it). His name is Mike, think hes about 26, i met him at my work, were drinking about 2 months ago, and we were talking about life, and well, i finally broke my oath (to never speak to anyone about kristin again) to him. I told him the whole starry eyed story, starting all the way back in the 6th grade, when how i met her through a girl i was dating at the time up untill this point where i dont even talk to her anymore. It took almost 2 hours, after talking and explaining and then... He told me that thing that changed that part of my life forever. I know exactly how you feel, except im divorced from "my kristin" and i have 2 kids with her. WHOA... then after tinking about all the hardship that i had endured just to ":love:" Kristin, i realized it was nothing im comparision to what he was going through. And essentially*(i cant spell worth shet if you couldnt tell) i realized, if there is more to endure on the pain side of the spectrum there must be more to feel on the love side of it too. and believe it or not, thats all it took, to see someone going through rougher times with the same issue. It was unbelievable to feel that weight lifted from my brain.... ... ... ... .. Anyways,,, and the 3rd thing, *(last but not least)* Im on break with Katie... And that story my friends is quite longer then the one i just typed but ill try to shorten it up. well as you all know i have been on and off with Katie (kitty) for almost 2 freaking years (damn im getting old) things are great yey, things are bad booo well i took katie to ultra with me this year and i also bought/brought a ring to take. Well in my head i thought about this chioce for a long time, and i decided that the best time to get engaged if i ever did would be at ultra. now hold on, dont sign and say oh god, keep reading... At the after party was the time, and i was still thinking about it, with the ring in my pocket and music moving my soul, i decided to do it. And of course she said yes, however!!!!! I now realize that was the wrong choice, Katie is alot of things to me, and with that you are suppose to take the good with the bad. right? well i felt like i wanted to enter this new phase of my life with her, forever, i was wrong... After ultra and coming back to MY house in clearwater i started realizing more and more that Katie is not the girl i want to spend the rest of my life with, at least with the way she is right now. So i started to talk to her about our relationship, and she would get mad upset or scream at me... whoa i thought all of that would be different after "she knows" that shes the one for me, like after i engaged her. but no, same old katie. She has tired though i must say, somtimes. but she is not the Satine for my moulin rouge. So i told her how i felt and now, we are on break, its alway ups and downs with her all the time, just alittle more intense this time...... who knows whats next. For now im just going to be myself without Katie and live in Clearwater. ****Tune In next time for the Bogus adventures of Kyle Adamson.*******
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hello everyone..   
11:11pm 06/04/2004
  im going out of town for the next 5-6 weeks... panama city... if you want to call me ill have my phone.. got a good job up there for the time being.. anyways.. i dont have much time.. me and kitty broke up..im trying to peice my life back together.... i need this... ttyl ............... Kyle  
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ULTRA, in Miami !!!!!!!!   
02:05pm 08/03/2004
  this is my 3rd year going to this wonderful festival of arts and music. And i must say, it seems like its growing every year. I had a blast, 10 of them to be exact........ heh... anyways.. everything went very good.. Steve Lawler was incredible.. Lights and lasers everywhere, they had 12 stages, and a DJ line up of the year, the chemical brothers were heading it, and they kicked ass,... they say that this is the best US Techo Event of the year... I believe it.. Party started at 12:00 noon, it was suppose to end at 2:00 a.m., but ended up really ending about .. hehe 5:00?.. we stayed at the howard Johnson (port of miami) hotel, it was great, the place had a pool on the roof.. I went with Blake, his girl Kat, and my girl, which you all know is Kitty.. it seemed like she had a good time.. Anyways.. got to wash my car.. 2 inches thick of fucking pollen.. later  
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back again   
01:25pm 25/02/2004
  Alright. Hello again everyone, im back, im living at my house again, and, just giving out a shot to anyone that will listen,..Hit me back..... im going to be using LJ more often as i can see that some of you actually do write in here.. later,  
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hey everyone   
02:13am 09/10/2003
  Just to let everyone Know..... Im back with the wonderful Kitty.. i couldnt stay away from that love.... and everyone else is dating too... so it all wrapped itself up anyways.. she just has to clean that god forsaken room.. its a Metaphorical thing.. i dont think i spelled that right.. im tired........ later  
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tihs is smoe ralely fceukd up siht   
01:09am 24/09/2003
  The phemaonnil pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at
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lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

No wdeonr a lot of us wtire lkie tihs.
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i wanted to put this in Kittys journal... but i couldnt./. ?   
12:43am 24/09/2003
  I think your Icon looks very good... Baby, im the one that is sorry... nothing was wrong with you... i mean.. some times i would of liked to do more things than just sleep all day, and go to work, eat dinner and then go to bed again.. thats all we really did for more than a month.. I suppose i got tired of that, and maybe i just want more.. it wasnt enough for me... i think this might work.. maybe if we make things the way they were again... by the way... why would you tell me its OK if we started seeing other people too.? really?,,, why did you say that.. there had to be a bigger reason than the one you gave me..if you really want to ... im not going to stop you.. i want you to try and find someone that you think is better than me, because who knows maybe you will.. and then wont you be glad that you looked..? anyways.. i was trying to see if you were still awake.. but i guess not.. im going to bed.. goodnight  
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well... accually..   
02:49am 23/09/2003
  You girls... this is accually my journal..Kitty doesnt care what you all write about... i havent written in it yet, because i havent had anything to write about... but tonight i do.. for the past 48 hours, i have somewhat made a decision. these things do take lots of time. I am taking a break from Kitty... i am now living at home. i got all my cloths back. (that normally doesnt happen). and im trying to figure out what i want to do. i have alot of things on my mind. All i know for sure is that i definitly needed a big change... however.. i am wide awake at this hour. and i dont feel tired at all.. and i dont know what else to do.. so far.. this entire entre is numbing to read. and thats not like me at all.. maybe i should try to sleep..  
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05:49pm 13/09/2003
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